Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pressie Oracle

You Are Sophisticated

You go all out when you give gifts. You want to give a present that will wow, even if it's a little over the top. You are spontaneous and impulsive. You tend to do things quickly, and you're quite impatient. You are very organized and together. No one would ever accuse you of being a slob. You don't think outward appearances matter much. As long as you're clean and neat, you're good!

This one's another spot on. And yes, it can't emphasize enough that I am definitely not a snob.

As for gifts, I still have a few gadgets on my wishlist. They continue to be on the list because I am hesitant to get them even if they come with an iphone warranty and what-not accessories. that's because I am your regular stingy mom. :P

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Game as ever

I would've thought that I was done with my shopping, but just found out that we have still a few more left. I looove sales, so I try to stay away from purchasing items at the original price. For me, I get a real high if I am able to buy something of good quality at a very low price. That for me is an absolute Best Buy! So yeah, even with this minor glitch, I am still game to go and make sure it's done.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Moving forward

Our old Camry is acting up again. It's been creaking here and there, which cautions us that it's pretty long life may soon come to an end. It's served us well and though it is just an object, I personally feel a bit sentimental and would not like to be there on the day that we do have to say goodbye. As the song goes, some things never last. But life's like that. We just need to move on and have a look at the newer ones out there (and maybe get some cheap car insurance as well). Life goes on.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Social Network

I saw TSN with hubby today. It wasn't on my to-watch list at all, but was eventually convinced to go and see it. It's amazing how the FB phenomenon has touched our lives in different ways.

Anyway, it was an interesting film, reflecting one of the many basic realities in life, where there is some truth to that saying that money is the root of evil. Everyone wanted to take a chunk out of the website's success, even with whatever little contribution that they have had.

Undoubtedly that guy Mark is a genius (at least for a nonprogrammer like me), with the almost instant success of his creation starting with a meager thousand bucks (to include managed web hosting and what not's). You've got to give credit also to his friend Eduardo. It's just too bad that their friendship was tainted in the process.

So what have you seen lately?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fat Burnin'

I've just been to the doctor and I reckon it is time to hop on the elliptical machine to start building up my fitness. He can't seem to pinpoint the true cause of my symptoms, so if his mind is boggled, then all the more mine.

Anyhoo, all this effort should be worth my time, and I am hoping that the machine will prove to be the best fat burner, at least in my case.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Giving it a go

The path to your dream career can be long and winded. I for one could not work immediately as an OT due to competition and had to relocate to a different region to be hired as one. I was not always so keen about it, but now I am loving it, even if the setting was initially totally alien to me. J also had his banking careers in the earlier days but moved on to IT with the changing times. I guess, the point is, you never know where you are going to end up, for as long as you give new challenges a good go.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I hadn't checked my weight in a while. And when finally I did a couple of days ago, it didn't quite shock me as I thought it would. I mean, it's obvious to tip the scales at that weight I haven't really done much to make it any less. The worst thing about it is I've got a doctor's appointment in a few days and I have no improvement to show whatsoever. Whoopsie!

Monday, October 4, 2010


You Are The Homebody

You feel happiest in the comfort of your own home. You have plenty to keep you busy. You love to have friends over and entertain. You're proud of the sanctuary you've created. You are content to spend an afternoon baking or reading. You don't need much to feel content. You think nothing is better and cozier than a night in. What could be better than good food, good company, and comfortable furniture?

Nothing new. And it is no wonder I can't seem to shed these excess kilos off. I certainly need to be more active or soon I will find myself looking into that phentermine review. Not my cup of tea, to be honest. I am determined not to go off the deep end.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flower power

The family is planning to go to the Floriade this long weekend. That is, of course if we have sunny weather. This year's theme is 'Imagination: Where will yours take you?'It sounds rather vague but I am still excited as to how it will appear with all the flowers in bloom. And I have specifically avoided seeing pictures uploaded by friends to keep the suspense, so to speak. I am such a geek about flowers, so you can imagine my anticipation! I'm just sorry that I cannot speak the same for bodybuilding supplement reviews. :P

Long week

It is that time of the month again at the office, when we are stumped with monthly progress reports. It is okay if you only have a handful of clients to write about. But it isn't a jolly day if you have got more than 10! Sometimes I would rather do colon cleansing reviews than this! The only thing good about it is that it is the weekend, and a long weekend at that! I hope I am able to take more time to rest and reenergise myself for the coming work week.


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